Our Story

Journey to the American Dream

Casa Agave Mexican Restaurant was centrally created by four people after close to 20 years of dreaming and perseverance. Three Mexican brothers, Fabian, Jairo & Milton Escobar, and one very gringa wife, Alicia Rice de Escobar came together to make the dream happen. Between the three brothers they have around 50 years of experience in the restaurant industry: two as head cooks and the other in management. Meanwhile the gringa wife is known for her "communication skills" which is a nicer way of putting it than the usual "she can talk".  

However, many more people were actually involved in the process behind the scenes to get Casa Agave off the ground and running including the families of each. Every person in the Casa Agave family & community team brings a particular skill set that has helped it all come together seamlessly. Some on the team were experts in cooking and menu creation, others in administration, design, and management and yet others spent hours cleaning endless grease-covered surfaces to be sure to provide the best quality experience possible to Greencastle and its surrounding communities. 

Welcome to Casa Agave Mexican Restaurant where the popular Spanish phrase "Mi casa es su casa", or in English "My home is your home" is the same warmth that you will find as you walk through its doors. We look forward to meeting you!

Paying Homage to Hermes

In Casa Agave, you may notice that the one dining area is labeled with a sign "Hermes' Dining Hall". This is paying homage to one of the Escobar brothers, Hermes, who was the sub-director of the police force in a neighboring town in Mexico when he was targeted and killed by the drug cartel in January of 2023. Hermes was a a kind-hearted person, known for his generosity and loving personality. He will, of course, never be forgotten.